Introduction: Materials

so today we are making a solar cooker and here are the materials-

4 yards and 4 feet - Aluminum foil

box (any size)

1 foot -silver tape

6 inch -duct tape

black top (any size)

clear top (fits pot)

clear tape -3 feet

Step 1: Experiment Procedure

First, put the Aluminum Foil down inside the box and tape it down with clear tape .

Next, put the Aluminum Foil down on the flaps and tape it down with duct tape.

Then, tape two corners together with silver tape.

Finally, put the solar cooker outside and every 15 minutes check on it.

Step 2: First Attempt

my fist attempt was not successful because the sun kept reflecting off the box back to the sky.The weather was not good. The weather said it was mostly cloudy.

Step 3: Second Attempt

My second experiment was successful. The top had moister on it .The cheese was melted I believe this was because,the two flaps reflected the sun rays into the box.

Step 4: Conclusion

In conclusion, I believe that the solar cooker only works on sunny days. It will only work with the two flaps up, because the sun is at a angle.