Introduction: How to Hit a Golf Ball With a Pitching Wedge

I will be demonstrating how to hit a golf ball with a pitching wedge as indicated by the letter "P" on the club head. You would use a pitching wedge for shots between fifteen to sixty yards. The pitching wedge is used to loft the ball into the air with a lot of elevation instead of a line drive shot. This wedge would be used to hit over water, trees, and other obstacles that you can hit through.

1. Golf Club (in this "how to" we will be using a pitching wedge)
2. Golf balls of any kind

Step 1: Grip

Your right hand pinky finger should over lap with your left hand index finger. Your left thumb should be in the up right position on the handle and it will be overlapped by your right hand.

Step 2: Stance

The ball should be centered between your feet and your knees should have slight bend in them.

Step 3: Backswing (Shake Hands With Your Left Hand)

When in your backswing, your front (left) arm should be locked out completely. Your left arm should be in a position to shake someone's hand if they were standing behind you. Keep your head down. This is described as watching the ball with your eyes when hitting. Don't look away from the ball. Also look at my right elbow. It is very close to my ribs and this will ensure club control and a nice closed swing. 

Step 4: Roll the Hands and "Close the Door"

When swinging, your left hand should be on top and your right hand should be underneath the club. When you are in your backswing, your club head will be "open" like a door. As you begin to swing, the club head should start to "close" like a door, your hands and forearms will "roll" over and the club head will become flat against the ball. As you follow through with your swing, you want to continue to "open" the door the other way and roll your hands so that your right hand will now be on top of the club and your left hand will be underneath it. It will be the opposite hand positioning as what you started with.

Step 5: Follow Through

When you follow through with your swing, you should look like this. Your hands should be high and your club head should be in line with your spine.