Introduction: Making Easter Egg Mobile

 This document explains about steps for making a Easter Egg Mobile. This is basically mobile that is made with Easter eggs.
Materials you need
-6 or more Easter eggs
-4 whiskers
-12 straws
-thread & needles
-a piece of cardboard
-a motor
-a decorating materials.

This is not that expensive to buy. Also, it isn't that hard to make if you follow my steps.

Step 1: Whisker Into a Hole

For step 1, you need to put whiskers in the hole given in Easter eggs. Whiskers can connect these 6 Easter eggs together.

Step 2: Straws Outside of Whiskers to Tighten

Next, tape the whiskers and put it inside the straw using glue to tighten it. Whiskers are too loose so to compose these whiskers you can put it inside the straw. That can help you to be in one place.

Step 3: Straw and a Thread to Connect

Then, connect all of the straws with a thread and the needle and tie it with a yawn several times which will make a hexagon shape. I prefer this shape because this is not too many or not too few. I chose thread & needle because it can connect all and weighing lesser than other materials.

Step 4: Actual Shape of Mobile

After that, get a piece of cardboard and tie it together with a yawn. I used a piece of cardboard because, it is easy to find and it works perfect for mobile. However, you can use other stuffs on the top to make it better.

Step 5: Spinning Mobile

Then, get a motor and attach to the top and test it if it spins or not. It is really cool if you attach a mobile, because it spins if you just squeeze the button. However, the bad part is it is expensive than other materials.

Step 6: Finished Product & Opinion

Then, decorate it with a clay or markers to make it prettier. I used clay because clay is easier to attach than other materials and clay is 3D so it looks awesome. For me, I made this in Virginia Tech ICAT. Many mentors helped us with basic things. This Easter egg mobile was successful because many people helped us. I was inspired by my mom's church member getting a baby. Also, I went to Easter hunt and got a plenty of Easter eggs. I wanted to recycle this so I made a Easter egg mobile. I learned how to motorize and programming things and also I learned  how to make a mobile generally. When I finished making this, I realized that Easter is a time when Jesus born. Also, mobile is for baby when they are born. I found a relation between Easter and mobile. This was amazing project.
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