Introduction: Belt Buckle Extension Cable, Actually Works !!!

make this sweet belt out of a extension cable and plug, works great easy to use and actually works.

warning!!: I am not responsible for faulty wiring or any injuries, this should be done by a professional electrician.

1 . extension cable
2. wire cutters
3. female plug
4. male plug
5. knife
6. screwdriver

Step 1: Wire Cutting and Striping

1. cut the one end of your cable and remove the outer insulation
2. remove the paper insulation and the extra wire( i know i used black instead of red)
3. removed the individual wire insulation

Step 2: Attache Male Plug

1. twist the wires so they won't fray
2. open the plug by unscrewing the screws
3. insert the wires into the ground, positive and neutral ( the plug should have a little diagram or arrows)
4. Tighten all screws firmly
5. close the plug and close firmly the plug with the two screws

Step 3: Cut to Approximative Length and Attach Female Plug

1. cut the wire to the approximative length ( might take more than once to get the right length for you )
2. repeat steps 2 but don't forget to put the cap before attaching plug
3. tighten screws with wire inside
4. close the plug and tighten screw ( theres a notch on the cover and a ridge on the plug so the screw holes line up)

Step 4: Final Product

this might not fit with all jeans, it just fits thought the belt holes in my jeans.

if its to long cut it a bit shorter and repeat step 3

if its to short ( that would suck ) restart if desired.