Knex Arrow Slingshot

Introduction: Knex Arrow Slingshot

This is a really easy slingshot made with Knex and will only take you about 5 mins to create.

Step 1: Materials

6 x 19cm rods
2 x 13cm rods
2 x 8.5cm rods
2 x 5.5cm rods
2 x 3cm rods
4 x 1.5cm rods
6 x 2-slot connectors
12 x 'V'connectors
4 x 4-slot connectors
2 x 3-slot connectors
2 x rubberbands (medium and large)

Step 2: Begin to Create Barrel

Align two long grey rods

Step 3: Finish Barrel

Slide on 10 V conectors onto the long grey rods about 1cm from the end.

Step 4: Start of Frame

Click on a 3 slot connector on each rod, as shown in red

Step 5: Supports

In this step you are creating the two supports.

Step 6: Joining the Supports to the Barrell

Take the barrell and join the red '3' slot connectors to the larger support. Join the smaller support to the barrell's 2 long grey rods.

Step 7: Adding the Rubber Band

Loop a long rubberband around the front of the slingshot as shown.

Step 8: Rubber Band Bow

Take a second rubber band and loop it over the front of the barrel to behind the row of 'V' connectors on the barrel. The rubber band should cover the hole at the back of the barrel.

Step 9: Making the Arrows

The arrows are easy!! Join a long grey rod to an orange 2-slot connector and then join a tiny rod.

Step 10: Loading the Sling Shot

Thread the arrow down the barrel of the sling shot. Be sure that the arrow collects the rubberband and stretches with the arrow. To fire, hold the arrow with the rubber band at full stretch and let go. DO NOT POINT THE ARROW AT PEOPLE...IT WILL HURT!!!

Step 11: Demonstration on How to Fire

This short vidoe will show you how to load the arrow and how fast they fire!

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    13 years ago on Step 3

    only nine you are 100% correct


    14 years ago on Introduction

    how far dose it shoot?