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Introduction: Math Clock

I'm an inventor and a coder and will try different things for the betterment of ones life

For all those who are in need of time

and for those who like Math! the most

Introducing the MATH Clock!

You can solve first the problems given in order to tell what time it is.

but all of us knew what it is depending on where the hands points

but isn't it fun and exciting to solve it!.

Step 1: GATHER the Materials Needed.

The materials needed are as follows:

an old clock (or you can buy one from a clock store or your nearest department store)

a piece of colored paper (Hard ones)

a pen or a marker

and a triple A battery.

Step 2: The NUMBERS!

Now time to make this thing!

Step 1: Cut the colored paper in a circle

Step 2: Write the time,

for the time, instead of placing it with the numerical time itself, why not amp it up a notch by

writing it with equations for you to solve.

1 = 100,413-100,412

2 = squareRoot of 4

3 = 198/66

4 = 50/2 = 100/X

5 = 630/126

6 = 1/8 * 96/2

7 = 52-x^2+x=10

8 = squareRoot of 64

9 = -3(Pie,-14)

10 = -8=2-x

11 = 1221/11

12 = 6.2

Step 3: Time Hole! and Time Hold!

Now cut a hole in the middle,

and make a box and cut it in the middle and paste it in the circle right below where the hole is.

and with the other half of the box cut a hold that look like the one in the picture above

Step 4: The Time Has Come

Now place the clock in the contraption with the hole on the screw of the clock where time itself turns.

Now place the batteries and Viola!

Step 5: Time to Solve Your Own Problems!.

Now it's finish time to solve it from where to hand will be if the hand points out like the one in the picture you can actually tell time just by looking at it but where's the fun there, solve it.

and don't forget to enjoy your work!.

as always Time to say goodbye because it's Math Exam in the morning!

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    5 years ago

    I had a class of calc students who needed a bit of trig review. I assigned each student a different topic---a trig function, degrees in 2nd CW revolution, radian angle measure--and had them design a clock face. I found cheap clocks that we could take apart and they transferred their designs to the actual clocks. I had a whole clock wall. Each clock represented a different aspect of the unit circle. It was great. I caught many of them bringing friends to my room to show off their work.


    6 years ago

    I Like it very much!

    You have a Creative Mind.....!