Introduction: Matrix

About: I'm a teen that likes to build and code.

This is just a very easy downloadable Matrix file that I have created. It can be used for movies, to look like a cool hacker, or just for fun! Make sure to read everything so that you don't mess up your computer! I hope you enjoy!

Step 1:

This is very easy to do, but again I urge you to read all of this VERY CAREFULLY! All that you have to do is download the matrix.bat file (below) and then save it to your desktop. Now here's the part I've been warning you about. Once you have the matrix.bat file on your desktop, make a folder RIGHT BESIDE IT. If you don't do this, you won't be able to stop the program from running. Once you've created the folder RIGHT BESIDE THE FILE, you can start it. To stop it from running, just move the matrix.bat file to the folder beside it. This will make it so that it will stop opening new windows. The way this file works is it opens another window and then closes the current window. This makes a green pulsating Matrix effect. However, if you change the file location, it won't be able to find the file to restart itself. Once you've stopped it, just move the file back beside the folder and it will be ready to be used again! I hope you like this program. Thanks for your time!