Introduction: Mauser C96

So I heard from a reputable source that detachable magazines were cool and good.

Therefore: in the pursuit of being cool and good I decided to make something that accepted detachable magazines.

Most of them exploded (RIP Callisto NTG), this one didn't.

It's a Mauser C96 (Or Bergmann-Bayard pistol, take your pick) model: firing grey clips from a detachable 7 round magazine (you could probably go larger, I haven't tried).

The mechanism looks like the one on foofinator's BSW, but I'm not sure how similar they are as I've never built it. (Credit where it may be due, I suppose.)

Range and accuracy are surprisingly good for the small ammo size and short draw length, it averages 40 feet with 4 #32 bands (it likes #32's, if you extended the fake barrel you could probably use #64's just fine.)

There is no magazine lock per se, but the blue connectors on the magazine and magwell, along with the an lock pairs on the barrel track result in a solid lockup, requiring a firm tug to dislodge the magazine.

Unfortunately (like most of my designs) it does require broken parts (something like 8 clipped rods for the gun and 5 per magazine).

Apologies as well for the poor pictures, I'm still trying to determine the optimal mix of brightness and focus with my 6 year-old camera.