Introduction: Mavericks Launcher

This airplane launcher is for the average college students that are looking to play a fun game over the weekend.

This product should be able to be built easily, perform for the tasks given, easy to handle and promote community.

Step 1: Components

Materials listed in the Bill of Materials attached above

Materials that need to be 3D printed are listed as "Print" under the type category

All other materials need to be bought

Tools needed for assembly:

1. 3-D Printer

Notes: Specified parts need to be printed for assembly

2. Hot Glue Gun

3. Hot Glue Sticks x 3

4. Sand Paper

5.Paper Airplane

Step 2: Motor Attachment

The DC motors (BBQ – 006) are placed into both holes of the airplane holder (BBQ -001) and glued into position. Let glue settle before next step.

Step 3: Sanding


Sand paper to remove excess material from the handle (BBQ-002) and airplane holder (BBQ-001) at the location of attachment for the two pieces. Step 3 should be repeated until proper sliding action is achieved in Step 4.

Step 4: Handle Attachment

Attach handle (BBQ-002) onto the airplane holder (BBQ-001) by the sliding mechanism found on the underside of holder until locked in position

Step 5: Wheel Attachment


Wheels (BBQ-003) to pivots on motors (BBQ-006) as shown.

Step 6: Motor/Switch Assembly Attachment


Motor/Switch assembly (BBQ-004/BBQ-005) to far left corner of underside of Airplane holder (BBQ-001). The free wire of assembly should be glued to opposite side of holder. Let glue settle before next step. (about 1-2 minutes to set)

Step 7: Function Test


Batteries to motor/switch assembly (BBQ-004/BBQ-005) and use switch to turn on motors and check for proper function.

Step 8: Launch

Insert paper airplane into rail on the top of the airplane holder (BBQ-001) and launch.

Step 9: Assembly Plan (Quick)

Here is a shorter version of the assembly process for those that prefer single page formats.

Step 10: File Links

Links to 3D print files listed below: