Introduction: Mavic Mini Simple Mod for Higher Fly

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many mavic mini users complain that they cannot fly higher than their predecessors like spark.

I have tried all radio configurations from CE 2.4G to FCC 5G, and the results never fly higher than 150m...

why is that, the answer is in this video tutorial from DJI above...

Step 1: Modify Your Antenna Position

I did this and it worked for me:

  1. Remove one of the antennas located on the drone arm and place the antenna to the drone arm horizontally

  2. for the remote, just raise one and leave the other one in place

Step 2: The Result

from a some tests i did, with this configuration my Mavic mini can fly more than double it before and can it still be more

Step 3: Simple Explaination

This maybe one of trick that's can improve your Mavic Mini Wifi reception bacause, stock Mavic mini have two diversity antenna but all of them have the same vertical pole.

when u fly it above your head, the reception on the drone become weak (u can see it on the first video above).

by placing one antenna on the drone's arm horizontally then the drone has two different signal poles (vertical and horizontal)

basically diversity antenna will look for the strongest signal from those two antennas. so when the drone flying overhead us, the most powerful antenna is the horizontal one, and when it fly in front of us the vertical antenna is the powerful one..

maybe this is a little different from the explanation from DJI or others, but this modification works well on my drone ... thanks ...

Step 4: Void Your Warranty

PS: this mod may void your warranty... so if u want to do it, do with your own risk...