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Introduction: Mazda 787B 3D Printed RC Car

About: I am passionate about racing cars and racing technology. I build designs that hopefully shock and amaze the 3d printing world, in an attempt to push the limits

Whenever I build a car, I have to be inspired by something. The Mazda 787B, winner of 1991 24 Hours of Lemans and Group C car, has always captured my eye. With its low slung look, huge rear wing sitting far behind the car, the deep dish Volk rims, and the iconic Renown Livery, it's a sight to behold. Ever since I started making RC cars, I dreamed of making this car.

The 1:10 version, is 3d printed in Solutech PLA, shown in bare 3d printed finish and bolted together to form the multicolor paint scheme. The Rims are two piece rims with the front rims having the addition of the white cover that can be added to recreate the historic nature of the car. The Chassis uses a panhard style rear suspension with rear pod and Tamiya F104 rear axle.

I designed and tested the car in Fusion 360.

Manual and Parts List included.

I hope that this 3d RC car can inspire and encourage people to go out and push the limits.

Videos of the real car, so you can understand the stunning allure of the Mazda 787B.

Step 1: Overview

Step 2: Print Settings and Colors

Step 3: STL Parts


Step 4: Body

Body sections are bolted together as well as glued together.

Step 5: Rear Pod

1. Assemble the Tamiya rear motor cage, install 6x10x3 bearings into bearing holders.

2. Install Bearing Holder

3. Assemble F104 rear axle following the Tamiya manual.

4. Install axle into motor cage.

5. Install Motor with appropriate screws for the motor.

6. Install motor cage onto lower deck with (4) m3x8 flat head screws.

7. Install Damper mount with (2) m3x8 button head screws

8. Install ball stud into the damper mount

9. Install damper mount

Step 6: Front Suspension

1. Place the upper and lower suspension arm together.

2. Place the Tamiya F104 uprights between.

3. Slide in the m3x30 rod, placing a clip on the top.

4. Slide in the front suspension spring and attach a c-clip to the bottom.

Step 7: Front Floor

1. Install onto the chassis floor the radiator and ball studs for rear links with (4) m3x8 flat head screws.

2. Install Hitec HS-77BB Servo into servo holder and install with (2) m3x8 Flathead screws.

3. Install servo arm onto servo.

4. Install battery cage with (2) m3x12 flathead screws.

5. Install Ball stud onto battery cage.

6. Install Battery.

7. Install ESC and Receiver with automotive double stick tape.

Step 8: Installing Front Suspension and Rear Pod to Floor

8. Install Front Suspension with (2) m3x25 flathead screws.

9. Install rear middle deck with (2) m3x8 screws. 10. Install ball stud onto rear middle deck and attach rear damper.

11. Attach rear pod links to ball studs on rear pod.

12. Attach 55mm shock to the ball stud on the battery holder and the ball stud on the damper mount.

13. Finished chassis.

Step 9: Mating the Body and Chassis

1. Attach Body to chassis with (4) m3x8 flathead screws.

Step 10: Rims and Tires

1. Glue the wheel faces into the wheel rims with 5 minute epoxy.

2. Glue the tires onto the rims with super glue/CA glue.

3. Attach the rim cover on the front wheel with epoxy after the wheel has been mounted to the car.

26mm Front/31mm Rear VTA tires.

Step 11: Livery and Decals

Stickers were sourced from ebay seller: “0.01shop”

“1/10 Mazda 787B 1991 Le Mans decal sticker for Tamiya Chassis TT0”

Front glass was taken from an rc car and attached with screws. The Mazda 787B body sold by the same seller could be used to take the glass from.

The headlight covers are 1.5mm pvc film for a plastic table cover sourced on ebay and glued into the frames.

The lights are Onkuey New Highlight 12 LED 1/10 car kit sourced on amazon.

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    2 years ago

    Everytime I need to remember how I should do things I take a look to some of this great man designs!

    I think this is probably the best 3d printed original rc car I have ever seen but the stats numbers doen't match this. I think is related to the specific of the sourced parts for the chassis and the complexity of the whole car...

    Maybe a more simple version of the chassis would put one of this Mazdas on evey street :)
    As an admirer / follower you know I'm wishing to work with you in something! So...


    2 years ago

    Damn! That car is amazing! That Mazda is a favorite of mine as well. I’m just looking at getting into 3D printing for slot cars and modeling. You set the bar very high. What would you recommend for a total beginner? I have zero design skills but I know I won’t be happy printing Tetris cubes and legos.


    Reply 2 years ago

    thank you! It took me awhile to get to this place, buy anyone with the right dedication can get there. I recommend really for a beginner any printer that offers a reasonable bed size at least 7". But also consider some of the features that the printer offers, auto bed leveling and other niceties that will make printing for a beginning successful. Prusa's are a great start.

    For design software I always recommend Fusion 360. It's free for hobbyist and I cannot live without that program.


    3 years ago

    I was almost questioning if that could really be 3D printed! Good job!


    Reply 3 years ago

    That's high praise! Some of the best comments that I have ever received, are when people are surprised that my creations are 3d printed—a lot of times people think that they are models that I bought. I think the surprise is good because it illustrates what 3d can do, and that it can make some really great looking things right out of the printer. I think that surprise does a lot of good for the industry. So I'm happy that I was able to pleasantly surprise you. Thanks again.


    3 years ago

    This project turned out really well. I love how professional the end result looks!


    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks. I was surprised myself.


    3 years ago on Step 11

    Incredible work as always, you have my vote! Your stuff always inspires me to do better, I love it.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks brother, means a lot. I'm very proud of this new car, it came out better than I could have ever expected.