Introduction: Mazda3 Switchback LED Daytime Running Lamps Installation

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Here we have the super reliable Mazda 3 with a set of brand new OEM Fit Switchback LED Daytime Running Lights Turn Signal Lights to spice up its digs! Who would have guessed that installation is actually a piece of cake when it comes to looking this good? This set of LED DRL and turn signal lights are switchback, meaning they transition flawlessly from normal LED daytime running lamps to turn signal lamps in a jiffy. This Mazda 3 looks like it rolled out of the factory looking like this without having to pay the hefty sticker price!

Step 1:

Remove several screws and clips so you can open the bumper. There is one clip at the top and two at the bottom. Then you can open the bumper!

Step 2:

This is how the turn signal lamps look like from the back.
See the four screws you need to remove? Two screws are circled, and the other two are pointed by the arrow.

Step 3:

Put back the LED. When you install, you will see two sets of wires. This is important!

Plug the three-color wire back to the module box and the yellow-color wire to the existing stock turn signal adapters. Twist to lock it back to the opening of the daytime running light. Once you have that connected, it will lock to the daytime running lamp opening. You will need to match the gaps to the size of the clips to properly insert.

When you put back the stock turn signal light adapter you may encounter some resistance. All you need to do it push it a little or trim the opening.

Step 4:

Put back the LED daytime running lamps.

Step 5:

Repeat on the other side. Connect both of the LED daytime running light lamps to the module box. Draw the wires to the driver side battery + fuse box location. Connect the red wire to the ACC (the location is circled) and connect the black wire to battery negative or ground.

Step 6:

Don't forget to close the fuse box cover!

Step 7:

Test to make sure everything works. If the turn signal function
does not work, flip the adapter around 180 degrees.

When successful, put back the bumper, screws, and clips.

Step 8:

Enjoy your LED daytime running lights and turn signal lights!

And a side note:

When you quickly switch turn signals from driver to passenger or vice versa, you will briefly notice the turn signal flash amber, then white for a split second, and back to amber again. Not like anyone really switches their turn signal lights that fast but you never know...