Introduction: Maze Game


This is a super cool maze game!

Maze Game Tools

· Hot glue gun, ruler, box cutter or scissors, compass or 6” diameter circular object (used as a guide), pen or pencil

Maze Game Materials

· Qty. 6 Popsicle sticks (1” x 8”, rounded ends)

· Qty. 2 Popsicle sticks (1” x 7”, squared ends)

· Qty. 2 Popsicle sticks (1” x 6”, squared ends)

· Qty. 1 Corrugated cardboard rectangle (13” x 6”)

· Qty. 2 Corrugated cardboard semi-circles (6” diameter)

· Qty. 2 Corrugated cardboard strips (1” x 10”)

· Toy marble

Step 1: Make the Oval Shaped Bottom of the Maze

Using the 13” x 6” cardboard rectangle and a compass set for 6”, trace two 6” diameter circles and cut the rectangular cardboard into an oval that is 13” x 6”. You can also use a circular object with a 6" diameter as a guide to trace out the circles at each end of the 13" x 6" rectangular cardboard.

Step 2: Attach the End Supports

Hot glue a vertical 1” x 10” strip to the each end of the oval. You can use tape to hold the strips in place while you hot glue.

Step 3: Make the Handles of the Game

Hot glue the semi-circles on top of the strips around the ends of the oval. Each strip should be attached around each curve.

Step 4: Attach the Side and End Walls of the Maze

Hot glue a 1” x 7” popsicle stick vertically on each side of the oval which will connect the two ends of the oval.

Hot glue a 1” x 6” popsicle stick vertically between the straight edge of each of the two semi-circles and the 13” x 6” oval.

Step 5: Layout the Maze and Build With With Popsicle Sticks

Using a pencil, trace a maze design on the bottom of the oval.

Cut out the popsicle stick walls of the game and hot glue them in place to form the maze which the player must move a marble from the start to the end of the maze.

Play the game by placing the marble at the beginning of the maze. Then hold the maze where the semi circles are. Tilt the maze to roll the ball from the beginning to the end.


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