Introduction: Mbed-robot

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The mbed-robot is very fantastic robot. We can control this robot by using smartphone. It is little difficult to making this one. But if you made this robot,your skill will improve dramatically.

Let's make.

Step 1: Get the Parts

・mbed LPC1768

They are Japanese site.

・motor(栄42D長軸両軸型) ×2

・rotary plate(専用エンコーダ板) ×2

・motor driver(TA7291P)   ×2

・micro SDcard - DIPkit(マイクロSDカードスロットDIP化キット)

・Photo interrupter(CNZ1023) ×2

・Distance sensor(GP2Y0A21YK)


Strawberry Linux

・ 9 axis module(LSM9DS0)


・Ball caster(スガツネ工業 面打ボールキャスター BM型 BM-12) ×2



・lithium-ion battery(UltraLife UBP002)

And your smartphone(Android)!!

Step 2: Circuit Design

I made two circuit boards. One is a thing to control the whole. The other is a thing to fix photo-sensor.

These circuits are used mbed,bluetooth-module,9 axis sensor,motordirver(TA7291),and some connectors.

I used eagle to design this circuit.


Step 3: 3D Print

Please download 3D models of these robot components. They are stl file.

Step 4: Assembly

Please see these pictures and assemble some components.

I used some bolts and two hollow screws to fix them.

Step 5: Download Application

I made robot_controller application. You can control the robot by using this application.

It was released in googleplay-store.

Please search "robot_controller" or "lumenbolk"

Step 6: Finish

Please ask me, If there's anything you don't know.

I give a detailed explanation in "". It is my web site.

That's all. Thank you!!

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