Mbira Mounted to Guitar




Introduction: Mbira Mounted to Guitar

i found this guitar in a trash can several years ago and finally after seeing this insturctable i was inspired

i purchased the parts for this project from music kitsbecause i couldn't find the metal to make the keys. since it was bundled nicely in a pack i just purchased it as a whole.

Step 1: Making the Bridge

not included in the kit when i purchased it was a bridge, so i took some molding left over from another poject and cut it down to size with my radial arm saw, making sure to leave a notch for my metal rod where the keys lay.

Step 2: Mounting the Bridge

drill holes through the front of the guitar and through either the sound hole or in my case there was alread an "access pannel in the back" from the previous owner screw in T bolts so that the whole assembly is mounted together.

Step 3: Insert Keys

Insert keys into the slot you have created, then in my case bribe your extra talented musician brother in law to come over and tune the thing to the key of E.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    call me stupid, but whats a mbira? is it supposed to be like an additional instrument on the side of the guitar? great find btw

    NEED HELP sorta

    What is the label inside the guitar? I certainly wouldn't have thrown it away, then again I wouldn't have cut a big whole for electronics I guess. LOL Nice trash find though. :)


    14 years ago on Introduction

    I like this idea. Maybe there should be a thumb piano somewhere out of the way, like the headstock, with keys correlating to the string's pitches to help in tuning the guitar.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Your guitar has a hole in the back? The modification is really neat, except that there's an ugly hole in the back. Difficult to repair I suppose? Do you know why the previous owner made this hole? L