Introduction: McDonalds Christmas Wreath

Today while out shopping, my kids begged me for Mcdonalds for lunch. Not looking forward to making them lunch after unloading everything from the car and putting it away once we got home, I decided McDonalds for lunch it was! After I put everything away and sat down at the dining room table to take a break, I saw the 3 empty McDonalds Happy Meal boxes staring me in the face.  It seemed like such a waste, even though I recycle. The longer I stared at the blank red side with that yellow smile smiling back at me - the more determined I was that I could make something out of it. And then, I too was smiling cause I had figured out what I could do. HELLO FREE CHRISTMAS WREATH!!!!

Step 1: Items You Will Need

Items Needed:

1) Atleast 3 McDonalds Happy Meal boxes
2) Christmas ribbon
3) Scissors
4) Christmas Cookie cutters or stencils
4) Tape or Glue gun
5) pen or pencil for tracing

Step 2: Getting Started

Step 1

* Using scissors, cut out the entire red side of the Happy Meal box

Step 2

* Arrange a layout that will maximize the amount of cut-outs you can get

* Trace your cookie cutter or stencil shape on the back sides

* Using scissors, cut out all of your shapes

Step 3: Creating a Wreath From the Cut-Outs

Step 3

* Start to arrange your cut-outs until you have come up with a pattern or shape that you like.
If you plan on using the glue gun, you'll want to arrange your cut-outs print side face up.
If using tape( like I did) arrange your cut-outs print side face down

Step 4 Tape Method

*Using small pieces of tape, tape your cut-outs together

Step 4: Adding the Finishing Touch & Hang

Step 5

* Choose a ribbon that will go well with your wreath
* Finding the center of the ribbon, fold in half
* Tape the folded ribbon to the back side of the wreath making sure its centered exactly where you want it
* Hang your beautiful FREE wreath over a door(pictured) or on the wall or on a window

Since my old farm house has a weird set up, like parking in the back and entering through the laundry/mud room that then open into our kitchen, I hung my wreath on the door separating the two spaces. Now when family arrives and they are removing their coates and snow boots in the laundry/mud room, they are greeted with this friendly wreath.

Happy Holiday.....

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