Me & My Quilling

Introduction: Me & My Quilling

This is a very good art. One of my friend gifted me a greeting card on my birthday. I was very impressed.

This is how i was introduced to quilling. A wonderful card. This is a very good hobby to keep anyone busy and also patient.

Step 1: "Grape Wine Good for Heart"

This art is as fascinating as wine.This wonderful art highlights the color combination of each grape & arranging them as a bunch. The creepers & the leaves also have their own light in this.

Step 2: "Like a Sea - Blue"

You will just see blue on white. A wonderful combination art made using different shades of blue. The shapes & arranging them properly has given such a outlook.

Step 3: "Simple Quilling"

This is my first quilling art. Doing those shapes for the flowers was easy & got good shape for the first time itself. Bit struggle was in doing those curve branches.

Step 4: "Paper on Ears - But Cute"

A cute little light weight jhumka. Very nice to see & wear.Just needs good quilling strips of required color,white pearls, loop ring & a small effort.These give you a beautiful jhumka to wear.

Step 5: "Flowers @ Night"

This quilling shows the bright flowers in the core dark.The main highlight is the yellow orange combination used on flowers.Buds also has their own visibility.Also the light & dark shades of green stripes covers rest of the impact.

Step 6: "Greeting Card"

Yellow & white always makes eyes happy.Different types of flowers and curves made are very important. Darker background could have given better impact.

Step 7: "Butterflies on Rings"

This quilling has just 3 colors - red,cream & black. First observed thing is the rings at the bottom & then the butterflies. Doing different shapes & combinations takes more effort, but gives very good look.

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    These all look amazing. Do you have any pictures of them in the middle of the creation process. Intermediate pictures really help people to follow along and recreate the steps.