Introduction: Controlling MeArm With Arduino

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In this Instructable I will show you two ways to control your MeArm, first is with just arduino and for second you wil need 4 potentiometers.

Step 1: Materials

1. MeArm

2. Arduino or any clone of it

3. 4 Potentiometers

4. Protoboard and jumpers or any wires

5. Power suply (this one has 5V and 2A, you can check it out here)

Step 2: Wiring (1)

Step 3: Code (1)

You will need to change code for your arm, because we probably have motors in different positions.

Just test every servo motor and find out it position, then change code.

Step 4: Example (1)

This is how it work. :-)

Step 5: Wiring (2)

This is second way to control MeArm, now you will need 4 potentiometers.

Step 6: Code (2)

Just wire it right and upload this code and it will work.

Step 7: Example (2)

This is all, hope you like it. :-D

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