Introduction: MeArm With Electromagnet

About: maker for educational kit since 2014

We will do an ElectroMagnet extension to existing MeArm.Joystick.

materials: 1. MeArm.Joystick

2. blank pcbs board

3. some M3 screws and nuts

4. an electromagnet

5. 3mm acrylic

6. 2.54mm female header

7. switch 8. usb power source

Step 1: Power Switch

user 2p2t switch to toggle on/off of the power

Step 2: Replace Gripper With Electromagnet

user lighter or acrylic bender to make the electromagnet stand and replace the gripper

Step 3: Plug in the Power Line

After plugging the power line, you are good to go. (My electromagnet accepts 3V~6V. So a usb power source is good enough) Good luck!