Introduction: MeDuino: Automatic Medicine Reminder !!

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We all need to take medicine at some time. Also we do need to look after our

Parents or Elderly and Giving Medicine in time is the most Important task,specially when they are Anti-biotics. I thought to make one for my mother. I feel relieved that even when i'll not be around her my AUTOMATIC MEDICINE REMINDER: MEduino will take care of her. //Love you Mother.

Step 1: Parts You'll Need

  • Arduino pro mini -5v 16mHz
  • Buzzer 330r/220 /1k resistor
  • Vero board
  • Female pin
  • LED's

Buy electronic components at

Step 2: Principle

I have wanted to make this as simple as possible. So I didn't use any RTC

clock module but I've used arduino delay function to work.

24 hours = 24 * 60 minutes

= 24 * 60 * 60 seconds

= 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000 miliseconds (1sec = 1000mili second)

= 86400000 ms

After restarting the Arduino it waits for 24 hours and then keeps on buzzing. Change the delay as your requirement. It won't stop until you press the restart button, which means you have to get to your medicine box in order to stop the alarm. And after you press the button it'll again alarm after 24 hours.

Step 3:

The Circuit diagram is too simple. Take a vero board (dot/line) and solder all

the components on the board. It should look something like this (see picture).

Step 4: Code


Upload the following Code and upload it to Arduino pro mini. To program arduino pro mini you need to use USB to TTL converter but you can also use your Arduino Uno as Usb Usb to TTL Converter.

we don't have a USB programming option on pro mini. Use a USB to TTL converter or use an ARDUINO UNO. We all have an UNO right? So why waste money?
just remove the ATmega328P ic from arduino uno using a screwdriver to lift it up. the connect the pin as following UNO -------- Pro mini





reset----------- rst

Then Upload the Code

/* MediCinuino: Automatic Medicine reminder.
* By Ashraf Minhaj * For any query mail at * * Use this and you'll never miss your medicine. * * This is made for my Mother - Sahida Rahman. * I LOVE YOU MOM. */

const int blue = 3; // Connect BLUE LED to pin 3 int buz = 2; // Buzzer on pin 2

void setup() { // initialize the LED & Buzzer pin as Output: pinMode(blue, OUTPUT); pinMode(buz,OUTPUT); }

void loop() { tone(buz,1000,100); //Beep for 1 second- Starting Sound delay(86400000); /*delay 24 hrs. untill next period to take med. * 24hr * 300s * 1000ms */ goto buz; //going to buz: goto Statement

buz: { digitalWrite(blue, HIGH); //Blue led on delay(100); digitalWrite(blue,LOW); //LEd off --thus BLINK delay(100); tone(buz,1000,150); //Start beeping delay(1000); goto buz; /*going again to buz: so that the Code runs untill you come near the Medicine Box and Push the reset switch*/ } }

Step 5: Finish

Now Attach the MEduino on Medicine box and power it up. Further updates can be


Thank You. Happy Making.