Introduction: Meadow - Themed Card

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This is an inspiration on how to make a meadow-themed card. It´s perfect if you need a last-minute card, because it´s really fast to make.

Step 1: Here Is What You Need

Here is what you need to make this meadow- themed card:

- a variation of colorful paper

- glue

- scissor

- pencil

- eraser

Step 2: Make the Card

Fold a paper in half and cut it to the size you like your card to be.

Step 3: Meadow, Flowers and Clouds

To make the meadow cut out a stripe of green paper. Make sure it´s as long as your card and approximately 4 cm (1.5 inch) long. Now cut into the green stripe but leave at least 1 cm (0.4 inch). (picture 1)

Draw stems, flowers, a sign and a small point. If you make big flowers you can use a puncher for the point.

Use the rest of the green paper to cut out the stems.

Decide on a color for your flowers and cut them out. I made red tulips and one buttercup. Using one different flower makes the card interesting. The point on the middle of the buttercup is the same color as my sign.

Cut out the sign. I used a contour scissor. (Sorry I forgot to take a photo of that, but you can see it at the picture at the beginning or the end.)

Now the clouds. I cut out a bigger and a smaller cloud. (picture 2)

Step 4: Ready, Set, Glue!

First glue the flowers onto the card, don´t forget the point of the buttercup, if you use a buttercup.

And then fix the meadow above it. Make sure that you just glue the first centimeter of the meadow to the card, that the grass "flies". If you want to have it in 3D you can use double-faced adhesive tape. This gives the meadow the look as if it pops up. You can use your fingers to bend the grass a bit, to make it look even more like pop-up grass.

Write happy birthday, thank you or what ever the card is for to the sign. And fix it.

I decided to just use the small cloud because otherwise the card would have been to full.

There you go - a meadow- themed card!