Mean Girls "You Go Glen Coco" Shirt

Introduction: Mean Girls "You Go Glen Coco" Shirt

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Hey guys! Pie20102011 here. Recently I was put in a secret santa thing with my friends. I choose my best friend "coincidently". (she made me pick each name until I got her's) Even though she's my best friend I has to no idea what to give her. Until I saw a Mean Girls you go glen coco shirt. I was like I can get her that! But when I saw the price I was like woah.. So being my cheap self I made my own. And now you too can make your own shirt!

Even if you haven't watched mean girls you should at least see the clip this is from:) ;

Watch the trailer too:

Step 1: Get the Materials

To be honest I never watched Mean Girls before,but that one part was so funny I just couldn't not make it! I'm planning to see the rest of the movie sometime..

•a shirt any color any style
•masking tape
•letter stencils
•scrap paper
•exacto knife
•cutting board
•black or any color FABRIC paint
•sponge brush (or something like that name)

Step 2: Making the Sketch

Too start you need a game plan. Get some scrap paper and draw what the design you want it to look like. This is what mine looked like:

Step 3: The Step With No Name

Get the masking tape and measure how long you want the design to be on the shirt. After make a box and fill in the box with more tape.

Step 4: Measuring for the Design

After putting in all the masking tape get your ruler and measure out where you want each word to be. For the bigger words measure how long each letter will be.

Step 5: Draw on the Letters

Literally draw on the letters. For the big letters I used some electrical tape.

Step 6: Cut Out the Letters

Lift off some of the masking tape and put a cutting board underneath and start using the exacto knife to cut out the letters. *remember save the O pieces*

Step 7: Smoothing It Out

Get a big book, I prefer a dictionary, and start applying pressure on it. Flatten out all the letters and secure them in place.

Step 8: Getting Ready to Paint

Get some cardboard and put underneath the part your painting. Get some scrap paper and cover all around the shirt don't want any paint getting on the shirt it's permanent paint!

Step 9: Painting

Go outside and follow the directions your bottle says. I sprayed mine and used the sponge to spread the paint around. I did 3 coats of it. Mine says to wait 4 hours.

Step 10: Finishing Off

After it has done drying take of all the masking tape off. If you want to you can put white fabric paint on all the black lines. But anyways your done! It says that you can wash it turned inside out and after 72 hours.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable! Sonte would be really excited with this! I'm also planning on doing a Pokemon shirt with this method soon! Also doing a San Fransico Gians hat! And also doing a 3 part 5 Seconds Of Summer clothing instructables very soon so be prepared! Love you all and have an awesome day, week, month, year! :D

"Ho Ho Ho! Instructables for everyone! Except for Gretchin Weiners bye!" :D

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, that looks like a lot of work cutting out all those letters by hand. Impressive!