Introduction: Meaningful Color Learning Machine

stimulating human eyes, the machine can help children learn different colors.

Inspired by:

The difference with the inspiration: added 4 LED lights and buttons instead of 3.


LED Lights


Alligator Clips with Pigtails

Various kinds of Wires

Shoe box

Step 1: Start Up With

Set up the lights controlled by the buttons.

Step 2: Changing It Up

Rewriting to make it a little bit different and also a better version of it.

Step 3: Structure of the Device

There are two main pieces that make the device into shape.

-4x LED Lights: show different colors.

-4x Buttons: controls the lights.

Step 4: Design the Exterior

Full of wires for your children to play isn't a great thing, it will look unquestionably messy and also dangerous for kids.

With a box as the exterior can make your device more attractive and appealing.

Step 5: How It Operates

The buttons control the lights. Each button control one light, and each light has a different color.