Introduction: Meatwad!

About: I knit and make cute things. I was featured in the Best of Instructables, Vol. 1 book for Wild Things stuffed animal headphones. I was hoping that would bring more fame than it did.

I knitted a Meatwad to give to Dave Willis, voice of Meatwad (and Carl) on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It was really easy, and you can do it, too, if you want.

I used the Sweet Little Bird pattern at I only knit up the body, of course, though, but I think the wings could be used to make a great "Dancing Meatwad."

Then I stitched a loop through the body from the top to the bottom and back up to the top, knotting my loop into place. I made the loop tight enough that it gave my "bird" a nice Meatwad shape, but loose enough that he didn't pucker too much.

Next I embroidered on eyes and a mouth, using a picture of Meatwad. This was freehand, and is open to what you want to do, if you try it out. You can try any of the many faces of Meatwad! The last thing I stitched was his little tooth. Just one, for chewing! (I left off pupils, because he just looked a little cuter and a little more my "own" that way. Since this was a gift for one of the creators, I wanted to make it a little interpretive.)

I left my Meatwad with one of the tech guys who said he would get it to Dave and asked my name several times, so here's hoping!

Here's the materials list:
Appropriately Meatwad-colored yarn (I used brown, but maroon would be great, too.)
White and black yarn or thread for embroidering
Knitting needles in the right size for your yarn
Tapestry needle

I used a super bulky acrylic for the meatball and a worsted cotton for the face. You can use whatever weight yarn you want, just make sure your gauge is tight enough that your stuffing doesn't show through. Swatch it up!

Good luck making your own Meatwad!

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