Introduction: Mecano Laptop Rack Mount/Desk Stand (2 in 1)

Stuck at home? Cramped in your seat all day using the computer?

Here is the perfect solution: A Laptop Rack Mount(Convertable into a desk stand). This is made using parts from a toy called Meccano, available almost everywhere(Costco, Walmart, Toys R Us, etc.).

Before building, make sure your rack can handle the weight of your laptop. This design is for the Dell Xps 13.

Let's get building!

Step 1: Get the Parts

To build this, you'll need one or more sets of mecano, since it does require a lot of parts.


  • 30x - or more short screws(~5mm thread length)
  • 2x - medium length screws(~24mm thread length)
  • 2x - long screws(~27mm thread length)
  • 30x - nuts
  • 4x - self-locking nuts
  • 8x - spacers(6mm long)


  • 2x - 90 degrees angles
  • 8x - 135 degrees angles


  • 6x - 11 hole beams(does anyone know how to call these things?)
  • 6x - 9 hole beams
  • 3x - 5 hole beams
  • 2x - U-shaped 5 hole beams(?!?)
  • 2x - 3 * 5 hole plaque thingy(mine were red + image attached)(??again what do we call these things??)
  • 2x - I'm not even going to try to name these(image attached)

Step 2: Build the Structure

Use the parts to build the structure of the stand, images of the different assemblies are attached.

The paint drawing is the side view of the hole assembly.

Use a 5 hole beam to connect both parts toghether.

Step 3: Organize

Test if your laptop fits, if it dosent, you can change the beam lengths to longer ones. Tuck the wires under the computer and mount onto the rack.

Step 4: Enjoy!!

Use your laptop without your neck hurting and enjoy a desk clear of messy cables!

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