Introduction: Mechanical Flower

This is my first instructable so bear with me.

My wife always asked me for flowers but she could never keep them alive for more than a week. So i decided to give her something that would last longer.

If you got the time and enjoy mechanics as much as I do (and you have a geeky wife) hopefully you can give her one of these without making her mad...

Step 1: Materials

- Metal cutter (i recomment you use a smaller one)

- 0.3mm titanium sheets

- Pliers

- 0.14*0.4mm screws and nuts

- Screw driver

- Epoxy

- Drill

- Hammer

- Scissors

- Card paper

- Paper clips

- 6.5cm metal rod

- 3.3cm spring

Step 2: Design

This was my initial design. Some parts have been modified or left out.

Step 3: Upper and Lower Disks

The two disks are 3.2cm in diameter with the lower disk having a 0.9cm hole in its center.

The 8 slits on the edges are 0.5*0.15cm. After drawing a disk on card and cutting it out, i traced it on a titanium sheet. I only had access to a big hand cutter, but if you have better tools go for it. Cut the disks out of titanium and drill a 0.9cm hole in one of them. On both disks drill smaller holes in the section between each slit, about 0.1cm.

Step 4: Disk Rings

This was the easiest bit. Find two big paper clips and straighten them out with pliers.

Then, bend the clips into a circle so that the clips circumference matches the disks'.

Step 5: Ring Clips

To hold the rings in place over the disks I used small clips that i cut out of titanium.
These clips go in the section between the slits and are screwed down holding the rings and the disks together.

Step 6: Petals

The petals are 9.06cm long and its widest point is 2.65cm.

Draw a petal on card paper and cut it out. Do the same on the titanium sheet until you have 8 pieces. Once you have cut out the petals bend the end flaps together with pliers and hammer. Find the center of the tip of the flaps and drill a 0.1cm hole through the two. The distance between the center of the petal to the end of the flap should be 0.8cm.
Bend the petals into a curve to give it more of a flower feeling.

Make sure that all the petals are bent in the same way.

Step 7: Hinges

This was the hardest part. Cutting out small pieces with a big cutter wasn't easy.

Just like the other parts, draw them on card then trace it on metal. There are two pieces to this part. Part A attaches to the upper disk while part B is glue with epoxy to the petal.

- Part A:
This piece has an angle of 90 degrees degrees and holes at each end.

- Part B:
This piece is slanted towards the center of the flower. Use pliers and bend the flat end at 90 degrees degrees. Drill a hole in the center of the round end.

Step 8: Base Slider

This part was a little tricky. Once you have cut out the piece in the picture, bend it into a cylinder so that it fits nicely around the spring.

At the bottom end, (the side with the smallest flaps, 0.1cm long) bend in the flaps inwards slightly with a hammer. Just enough so that the spring cant come out. The top flaps (the long ones, about 0.4cm long) should be bent outwards at a 90 degree angle.

Step 9: Putting It Together

Upper Disk:
- First put all the hinges (part A) through the disk rings (the paper clips).
- Make sure that the end that goes through the rings is the shorter side.
- Place the ring over the disk and make sure that the hinges align with the slits cut at the edge.
- Place a ring clip in the space between the slits so that it holds down the ring onto the disk. Make sure that the disk holes and the clip holes align.
- Then, screw everything in place.
- Next screw together hinges part A and B. Make sure that hinges B are all facing the same way.

Lower Disk:

- Thread the petals through the second disk ring and place them on the lower disk. Make sure that the petals align with the slits on the disk.
- Do the same thing for the lower disk as done for the upper disk to hold down the disk ring in place with the clips.

Putting the two together:

- Place the upper disk ove the lower disk and use epoxy to stick the base of each hinge B to a petal.
- The base of the hinge should be placed about 1cm from the bottom tip of the petal.


- Now pass the metal rod through the center hole of the lower disk and stick it with epoxy to the bottom of the upper disk.
- Next screw the spring over the rod and through the center hole pushing at the bottom of the upper disk until you see the flower closed.
- Now put epoxy at the upper flaps of the slider cylinder.
- Slide it over the rod and spring and glue it to the bottom of the lower disk.

Now leave everything to harden over the next couple of ours and...


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