Introduction: Mechanical Homemade Hand

This is a step-by-step guide to help you make your own mechanical hand.

Step 1: 1. Gather the Materials

For this proyect you will need:

Wood (2 parts): 2x2x150cm; 7x2x60cm

26 screws and their respective support


Some kind of belt

26 small eyebolts

26 Rubber strings

Step 2: 2. Cutting the Wood and Making Shapes

First of all make a drawing of the parts you will cut from the Wood.

Then cut each firger part and the hand with exact measurements and polish the palm.

Step 3: Making Holes and Add Screws

Make holes in each side of the finger parts and hand with a drill.

Put the screws inside the holes and adjust with the screw supports.

Step 4: 4. Put the Eyebolts and Nylon

From each finger to the bottom of the hand, make a path way of nylon with the eyebolts. This will make the hand move with your movements.

Step 5: 5. Add Rubber Strings and Belt

For the final phase add some rubber strings at the back of the hand and impale them with screws.

At the "arm", put the belt and hammer some screws for it to stick in the Wood arm.

Step 6: Now You Can Use Your Mechanical Hand! :)