Introduction: Mechanical Servo Hack.

Another servo hack, is this really necessary? 
Only, if it adds something new. I think this one does, but correct me if I'm wrong.

As a novice, at first I found it hard to understand the differences between the types of hacks. As far as I can tell there are 3 types: 
  1. Total rip out hack. In this type of hack, the electronics are ripped out, and the Gnd and +5V wires are reconnected. The result is a DC motor with no digital pin. Look at the I'bles of Robomaniac and Randofo.
  2. Fool the electronics. This involves de-soldering the potentiometer and replacing it by two resistors, hence fooling the electronics. Look at djsures or here.
  3. Fool the mechanics. This involves drilling out the gear so that it does not catch the potentiometer anymore.Look at the I'ble of Zeitron

This slideshow is a variation on the last type.
  1. Open the servo by unscrewing the bottom.
  2. Remove the main gear.
  3. Cut the stopper on the main gear.
  4. Take a set of sharp pliers and cut the potentiometer.
  5. Set potentiometer in neutral position and glue it tight. Let it really dry prior to assembling, else you will be glueing the main gear.
  6. Assemble the servo. Done.