Introduction: Medal Rack

hi my name is Dylan and i'm make a medal rack for my mother and a class midterm this medal rack maked of metal hold medals so ya thats my intro.


1. sheet metal IMPERIAL 24-in W x 3-ft L Galvanized/Coated Galvanized Steel Sheet Metal 11.48$

2. sharpe

3. dry eraser marker

4. hammer

5. clamps

6. jigsaw

7. angle grinder

8. tape measure

9. Tsquare

10. welder

Step 1: Drawing the Cutting Lines

take the sheet metal and a T square plus sharpe go to where the bottomed part of the sheet Draw a 14in length wise 3in height wise go in 3/4 and Draw a rectangle but only the left top and right side sould be 3/4in bottom is 2/4in

Step 2: How to Cut Out the in Sides Pt.1

first cut out the drawing then go to the line i point at in these pic and cut to parallel line that go up 1 3/4 of a in then bend the metal back and forth till it snaps off then tack the jigsaw and cut 1/4 of of a in above the left tower to 2 in's in then go above the cut 2/4 of in and cut to the left 2 in's in bend till it snaps off

Step 3: How to Cut Pt.2

then tack the jigsaw and go 1 2/4 of a in go cutting down to the bottom line mark with 1st then tack the jig saw go 2 in in cut down mark with 2nd to the bottom line then bend it till it snaps then cut form there to the right all the way to the line mark with 5th then go to 4th cut down to the line then cut the mark 6th line out going to the left

Step 4: How to Cut Pt.3

cut to the left on the 1st to the end aka line repeat with 2nd then cut up at the 3 6/16 line aka 3rd to the end line repeat 4th line aka 4 2/4 in line then bend it till it snaps off then cut all the way to the right where it say to here and finish that side off by cutting up were it says cut off it

Step 5: