Introduction: Mediatek LinkIT One Setting Up TING for GSM and GPRS

Next in my of LinkIT One projects.

This is how to setup the TING pay as you use simcard with the MediaTek LinkIT One

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Step 1: Parts

The parts used here are:

Mediatek LinkIT One:

Adafruit RGB LCD shied:

TING GSM simcard. here is my referral code for TING:

The MediaTek LinkIT One is an amazing board with loads of power, memory etc... but where it really stands out are its "sensors" this thing has GPS, GPRS,GSM,Bluetooth, Wifi and Lipo charging and monitoring on board along with being arduino compatible.

The Adafruit LCd backback is really cool. it allows you to add a screen and 5 buttons to any i2c compatible board using only 4 wires, i2c (2 wires) and power and ground. this makes it very easy to work with and add on to a project like this.

Ting is a pay as you use sim card with data, voice and SMS plans.

Step 2: Code

Here is the code,

its the test code that comes with the MediaKit LinkIt One.

it is a call test.

Step 3: Ting Setup


To start the activation process.

Step 1 is entering in the imei of the device to verify it will work.

Step 2 is entering in the sim card numbers.

Step 3 is setting a phone number,

Step 4 is verification

and then you are done!

Step 4: The Board

The only thing you need to do for the board is power off the board then put the sim in it.

It takes a standard sized sim and it goes in bottom down.

Load up the code and give it a test!

thanks for reading!!