Introduction: Medical Rescue Trailer

Hi my name is Rick,
My date of birth is 12/03/1955

I have been an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) for 12 years, Halve run with our local hospital ambulance service (Highland Medical Center) for 7 years, and am a Volunteer Fire Fighter for 15 years with 2 local Fire Departments.

Over the years I have seen a need for this type of trailer (Med-Res-Q M-107) there is none like it anywhere.

I could not find a suitable trailer so I invented one.

With the M-107 the medic can do Patient Care while in route From the Woods or Rugged Terrain to Waiting Ground or Air Transport to Hospital.

With the medic sitting beside the patient, the medic has within reach his trauma bag, O2, and IV holder.

This way the medic can work on the patient as you are bringing the patient out.

AS You Know Many Fire Departments These Days Are Responding To Rescue Calls Where Someone Is Injured Out In The Woods or in mountainous areas Our Trailers Will Help Assist In Bringing The Injured Party Out Safely And Efficiently.

The Med-Res-Q M107 can save a lot of LIVES.

If I Were to win the $25,000 grand prize in the Jack Daniels Independence Contest I plan to use the money for the following:

- Welding equipment including Tig and Mig Welders, Plasma cutters, etc.
- Metal brakes and benders.
- Metalworking material’s
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