Introduction: Medieval Coin Purse

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Hello to everyone, this is my first instructable!

I create this medieval leather coin purse, a motorbiker asked me to do this for him. And I will shear it!! Im not a professional leather craftsman, but i like to work with leather.

Step 1: File Wood

I create with a file a convexity on a simple wood skrap, after this I fix it on a skrap wood table with some glue, just to have it firm.

Step 2: Leather Molding

Before starting molding put the leather pieces in hot water just 2min. and after start molding. In this case I take 3,5mm Vegatble tanned leather. I usede a coffe cup with the same diameter for help pressing. IMPORTANT: make two pieces of this!!

Step 3: Cut Out and Glue

After waiting to have leather dry, just in one pieces you must cut out the coin door. Glue (cement) this two pieces togheter

Step 4: Dye and Rivett

Take mesure of a leather string with place of carabiner, important is that everything must be very firm and precise if you want close and open easy the door. I used 4 rivett and 1 click button.

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