Introduction: Medieval Dress

This is a medieval style dress that I made for my 7th grade history class. I started with a halloween dress pattern and modified to fit what I wanted. I used a sewing to make this. On the back I had to create a corset because there were no zippers in the medieval times and it needed to look as real as possible.

My answers to the Make-To-Learn contest:

What did you make?
I made a medieval style gown for a history project at school. I started with Halloween costume pattern and modified it a bit to better fit what I wanted. The dress is made of light blue and cream colored satin fabric. There is some ribbon used for the belt and also for the corset on the back. I had to create a corset for the dress because there were no zippers in the medieval times and I wanted the dress to be as realistic as possible.

How did you make it?
I sewed this dress using a sewing machine. My sewing teacher and mom helped figure out what to do, but I sewed it by myself. I based this dress on a noble woman’s dress from the medieval times. I got my ideas from history class, but I also did more specific research at home.

Where did you make it?
I mainly worked on this at home and at a sewing studio, where I take sewing classes. This project mainly connected my sewing and school class. I also got special help from a sewing shop in my neighborhood that specializes in costumes and corsets.

What did you learn?
From this I was able to learn about medieval clothing, while also challenging my sewing skills and helping me improve. The biggest challenge in making this was creating the corset on the back. That may have been the most challenging, but it is also the part that I am most proud of on the dress.