Medieval Homemade Weapon




Introduction: Medieval Homemade Weapon

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full tutorial with video

To do this the catapult you need to prepare:
+ Four wooden Forceps

+ Some ice cream springs

+ Rubberband

+ A spring

+ A nail

+ Four metal bars short

+ Glue

+ A concave piece of rubber between two layers

Step 1: Wooden Clamps

Disassemble two wooden clamps off. Get two bars with an ice-cream left bottom edge, a wooden clamp between the main highway to form a triangle. Use glue to connect the fixed head back, similar to the two sides of the machine body frame shot. (0:40)

Step 2: Full Color

Full red colored ice cream cone, cut off both ends and then connect the two horizontal mounting foot attached to the bottom of the machine frame and shoot

Step 3: Catapult Shelf

Cut out a piece of pencil lead and then mounted on the two clamps, making sure the horizontal bar of the machine

Step 4: Hand Rod Shot

Take a short ice-cream, rear mounted two parallel metal rods. Attach an orange ice cream in the middle to rest, and then to make room for rubber bullets at the beginning that we were hand rod shot

Step 5: Manipulator Shoot Axis.

For nails through the two holes on the camera body shot and metal bars, as the manipulator shoot axis. Glue the two first fixed and tied rubberband parts

Step 6: Glue on the Bottom Hand Shot

To glue on the bottom hand shot, then mounted on springs

Step 7: Use 2 Metal Rods

Attach two metal rods and flexion in foot bar astride behind the catapult

Step 8: Completely

Dùng dây chun vòng qua thân tay cầm rồi đưa qua thanh chắn phía trên cao máy, cuối cùng là cho đầu chun còn lại vào đuôi tay tay bắn đá

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