Introduction: Medieval Medical Book

This is an Instructable on how to create a Medieval Medical Book. This book is filled with ingredients that were used in the Middle Ages and some of the ingredients are still used today! This book has information of how these ingredients were used for health purposes. There are many health benefits and instructions on how to create this specific type of medicine using these ingredients. Below is a step by step instruction on how to create this book.


Several Sheets of Paper (depends on how much information you want to write in you book)

Pieces of Paper Towel (to soak coffee and tint paper)

Cup of Coffee (to tint papers so that they look old)

Black Sharpie (to write information)

Lighter (to burn the papers so that they look old)

String (to hold all of the papers together)

Information (to write onto papers)

Step 1: Gathering Information

The first step to create this Medieval Medical Book is to gather information about ingredients that were used in the Middle Ages. There are many health benefits in these ingredients and specific instructions on how to use these ingredients to help you today.

Step 2: Preparation

The first step to creating the actual Medieval Medical Book is to prepare the amount of papers you would like in your book. Next step, is to place the paper on a surface you don't mind getting a little dirty or on a surface where it is easy to clean. I used a place mat under my paper so that I can easily clean all of the place mats and move the papers around easier while they were drying.

Step 3: Coffee Tinting

The next step is to place one sheet of paper onto a surface and prepare a cup of coffee. Get several pieces of paper towel ready so that you can be prepared if there is any access coffee on the table. Take one piece of paper towel and fold into a smaller size so that you can easily hold it and spread the coffee onto the paper and also dip the paper towel into the cup of coffee. Once you have the paper towel ready, dip it into the cup of coffee and let it soak up the amount of coffee you would like to spread on the paper.

Step 4: Spreading Coffee on Paper

To tint papers to make them look old, use coffee to stain the papers. First, have your paper prepared on an easy to clean surface, then dip the folded paper towel into the cup of coffee. Once the amount of coffee you would like to be on the paper gets soaked into the paper towel, place it onto the piece of paper and start spreading the coffee around. A faster way of putting coffee on the paper is to get the soaked coffee paper towel and squeeze the coffee directly on the paper then move the coffee around the entire surface of the paper. After all of the sheets of paper have been stained, lay out each paper to let it dry (do not stack wet papers because they will not dry as fast as if the papers were separate).

Step 5: Prepare to Burn Papers


Once all of the papers have dried, place all papers in a stack. Then prepare a lighter and burn one corner of all of the pages or the borders of each page. Be very careful and have some water prepared if the fire burns too much of the papers.

Step 6: Write Down Information

After all of the papers have been burned, now it is time to write down the information. Use a black sharpie to write down all of the information that was gathered before the book creating process.

Step 7: Assemble Book Together

Once all of the pieces of paper are filled with information and are finished, stack papers in the order you would like and take a piece of string and tie them all together. This is the final step into creating this Medieval Medical Book.