Introduction: Medieval Shield

Hello there, today we are making a medieval shield here is what you need to create it.


1. 4x4 steel sheet 0.124 inch thick sheet metal

Cost- $13.60

Steel sheet

2. Black permanent marker

Cost-1.00 at local dollar tree(7 cents tax included)

3. DEWALT DCG414T2 60V MAX 2 Battery FLEXVOLT Grinder with Kickback Brake Kit


Grinder kit

4. jigsaw



5. Rubber hammer


Rubber Mallet

6 .Anvil or strong place to hammer



7. Screw and bolt kit

Cost- $8.21

Screw and bolt kit

Step 1: The Shape of the Shield Part 1

Get your 4x4ft+ metal sheet and lay it on a flat surface/ work space and draw a 26 by 29 inch rectangle on it.

Step 2: Cut Out the 29x26inch Rectangle

Use a jigsaw to cut out the rectangle. Make sure you use proper PPE.

I recommend cutting it out piece by piece because trying to cut big chunks out causes the sheet to wobble and will conclude in a bad cut.

Step 3: Shape of the Shield 2

Draw the shield shape and cut it out using the jigsaw. Then use the angle grinder to round out the edges. If you need to brush up on the basics I recommend watching this video


Step 4: Handle

Now it is time to create the handle

Step 5: Handle Part 1

You should have excess material from the cuts you've made. Get a big enough piece and cut out a 3inch by 10inch rectangle.

Step 6: Handle Part 2

Now get the 3x10inch piece of steel and put it into the bench vise about halfway down then tighten it as tight as possible.

Then use the pliers to bend the top of the sheet down then hammer it until its flat then do the same thing for the other side

Step 7:

Step 8: Handle Part 3

Use the anvil to hammer the 2 sides inwards one at a time so they fold inwards. keep hammering until the handle is semi flat.

Step 9: Handle Part 4

Next bend both sides of the handle outwards to create a place to screw down the handle.

Step 10: Now Use the Drill to Put Holes Where the Screws Go

Step 11: Now Put Holes in the Shield Where the Handle Will Go.

Step 12: Attatching the Shield and Handle

Drill in the screws from the front of the shield and into the handle then use a bolt to hold it in place.

Step 13: Use Bolts to Hold the Screws in Place

Step 14: Now Use the Grinder to Flatten the Screws. Make Sure to Not Hit the Bolt Otherwise It Will Come Off.

Step 15: Now Your Shield Is Done!!

I spray painted mine galaxy, Spray paint it if you would like.