Meditating Buddha in a Bottle



Introduction: Meditating Buddha in a Bottle

Hi All,

In this instructable, I will share, how to make a simple miniature landscape in a bottle.

You can use these steps to decorate your home, workplae or make gifts for the coming holiday seasons

Please share your comments and suggestions

Step 1: What Do We Need?

  • Cardboard from delivery boxes- Recycle
  • Glass Jar
  • PVA glue
  • Coco Peat
  • Wire
  • jute string
  • 3d Printed Miniature Buddha (3d file link
  • Acrylic colors
  • Granite stone granules 1 to 2mm

Step 2: Landmass

  • Measure the diameter o the jar, reduce 2 to 3 mm from it, and cut 4 cardboard pieces
  • Glue them together
  • Cut few more smaller pieces to make it like a mini mountain
  • Leave space for tree and Buddha
  • Cover the landmass with coco peat with at least 2 layers
  • I colored some cocopeat separately to use it as grass and leaves on the tree
  • Stick the landmass inside the jar
  • Add some stone granules around the landmass as shown

Step 3: Tree

  • I used some wires and twisted them to appear a tree-like structure
  • Painted it brown first, let it dry for 2 hrs
  • Then use green colored cocopeat to make leaves
  • I used PVA glue to stick cocopeat on the wire tree
  • We need to do multiple layers, till most of the wireframe is covered with the leaves
  • After every layer wait at least 1 hr for the glue to dry

Step 4: Finishing

  • Glue the tree in place
  • Glue Buddha in place
  • Let everything dry for at least 2 days
  • Now using a cardboard piece seal the mouth of the jar
  • Now using jute string to hid jar threads
  • Leave it to dry and we are done

Now you can either use it to decorate your own house, workplace or gift it to your firends and family

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