Introduction: Meditation Centre From Milk Bottle

This used to be an old milk bottle. Now thanks to some clever
folding, cutting and gluing, it holds a  standard tealight candle
in its centre, reflecting the light from the sources to the faces
and facets of each triangular shape.

It can be made by almost anyone with the time and required
materials - simply meaning that it is accessable to anyone.
Incense is another option if candles aren’t your first choice, as
long as it is held within the bottom of the Meditation Centre, it
will not cause a fire.

Easy to use, reusable, ecofriendly, good for the soul.

Step 1: Equipment List

Equipment needed:
6 Pint Bottle of Milk
Craft Knife
Strong Glue

Step 2: Marking Out for Cutting

Mark out a wide semicircle that looks like the one on the picture. It should start 2.5 cm from the plastic of the lid/screwtop. As long as it encompasses the whole of the handle, it will be fine

At the bottom, measure 1.5cm perimeter around the bottom of the handle, and mark it

If done correctly, the markings should look like this

Step 3: Final Cuts 1

Once the areas meant for marking are cut, cut the top, the bottom and down one side to leave the large flat areas of the bottle as they are

Step 4: Final Cuts 2

Download the template from and start cutting out the shape

Step 5: Making the Triangles

Score on the shape that you have just cut, to form these scoremarks. There should be three triangles and an extra flap

Apply glue to the flap and..

..bend the pyramid into shape

Then fix into place, leaving it to dry for as long as the glue requires. This will let you know whether you need better glue later on - If the shape doesn't remain once the pegs came off, it meant I needed better glue

Around 40 should be made in total

Step 6: Gluing

Apply glue to the bottom of the lid and press them together until they are bonded

Apply glue to all the surfaces of the handle and then place triangles on each surface. This stage is very crucial as you will have to decide how steep you want the object to be (based on how high the rear triangles sit)

Step 7: Final Words

Leave to dry and if required, by your choice of glue, peel off the excess. If the glue dries clear, this shouldn't be a hassle  The only instruction for use is to not cover the top hole and to fully appreciate the incense/candle used here, sit the meditation aide in a closed, quiet and dimly lit environment

I've started to use the top of this as an incense holder for spare incense sticks.

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