Introduction: Medzer-Medicine Organiser Kit

Medzer is a medicine organiser kit which aims to make the accessing and knowing about medicines when needed, a very easy task. Because many a times, it's emergency, it's important that your first aid kit is neatly organised and easily accessible to everyone. Medzer consists of clear slots so that you can know and see each items location in the kit instead of digging through a box of messy supplies. As easy to refill as to sort through, it's very informative and portable too.

The kit is made out of 4.5 mm MDF sheets, which can be picked up from the scratch. The product has the scope of being made out of plastic coated paper. Leather handles are attached on the top for easy portability.

The unit is easy to assemble from the lasercut parts and require minimal adhesive.

Hope the instructable will be enough informative.


- Easy and precise joints

- Portable

- Informative and accessible

Step 1: Material and Tools

List of materials-

- 4.5mm MDF board (or plastic coated thick paper)

- Transparent plastic sheets

- Brown Leather or Rexine.

- A5 plastic folders (preferably of various colours)

- 2-3mm Elastic band

- Superglue

- Rubber glue

- Melamine (to coat MDF)

- Primer and acrylic paint (if wish to paint than to coat with melamine)

- Laser cutter

The final dimensions of the kit is 218.5mm x 203.8mm x 243.8mm.

Step 2: Dimensioning and Cutting the Panels

The panels are made out of 4.5mm thick MDF sheet.

Dimensions for each panel are given above in the images. All the dimensions are in mm. All the cut-outs for the cross lap joints are of 4.4mm. There are cross lap joints and rabbet joinery used in the design.

I used Fusion 360 to design the medical kit. I will be attaching the fusion file if you want to do any change in the design.

I have attached the CAD files (dxf format) for lasercutting all the panels. I have used 4.5mm MDF sheet for lasercutting. I have also attached the .ai files (Adobe illustrator) if you WANT to change the width of the cutouts according to MDF sheet of any other thickness (it is advised use MDF of thickness less than 4mm as it will become flimsy and weak).

For the leather handle cut two rectangular strips of leather of dimensions 300mm x 30mm.

For the elastic strip to be attached to the back-down panel and last mid slot, cut two 230mm long strip of elastic of width of 2.4mm-2.5mm.

Through cut-

  • Vector cutting
  • Power- 100
  • Speed- 5

Use the dxf format file directly to lasercut for the same thickness of board (4.5mm MDF).

Step 3: Assembly

- Use superglue to align and attach the rabbets to the right and left panel to create the passage for the front slot and the mid slots. I have provided images of the steps above for better understanding.

- Pass the leather strap through the slots on the top panel and attach with rubber glue as shown in the pictures above.

- Coat all the panels with melamine and sand them with 600grit sandpaper for a smooth finish (otherwise paint them instead of applying melamine depending on your choice).

- Paste transparent polythene sheet on the cutouts of the panels.

- Pass the elastic strips through the slots in the back-down panel and the last mid slot and attach with rubber glue as shown in the pictures above.

- Cut slots in the plastic folder to accommodate the printed infographic paper(I have attached the printable jpg format down) and also for labelling. Refer to the above pictures for better understanding.

- Attach all the panels in the desired manner as shown in the animation and the pictures above.

Step 4:


Use the Medzer to organise and understand the medicines you take, so that you don't get confused or take the wrong pill next time.

Any questions, suggestions are welcome!