Introduction: MeeSeeks Box Prop - Easy Rick and Morty Halloween

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This is my first instructable, so plese bear with me, and if i manage to not fail at this i will show you how to make an easy, large halloween prop for your porch this halloween out of a very cheap amount of parts and supplies

So this is a meeseeks box, you know what that is, or you probably would not have clicked. Rather than being a smooth, 3D printed small box that you would put on a coffee table or shelf this box is oversized, with features that are exagerated, so that from the street anyone can see what it is. Just like how stage makeup is done for being seen from the audience and not up close.

You will need:
12 ( twelve ) pieces of foam insulation board ( check home depot, lowes, etc )
1 - titebond wood glue

1 - yard stick

1 razor knife

1- latex black paint ( NOT SPRAY PAINT )

1 - paint roller or paint brush to apply black paint

1 - blue spray paint

1- green spray paint

1 - package of nails ( or whatever you have lyring around as in nails )

Step 1: Cut to Your Box Size and Paint It All Black

okay, so take the foam core, and cut it down to your size thata you want, i made mine 18x18 squares and then i painted SIX of them black. only paint SIX black for now, you will paint the others in another step

you MUST use the latex paint and not the spray paint. spray paint *WILL* eat up the foam. its a chemical reaction.

after painting the six squares black i stuck it together and used the nails to hold it temporarily while i looked it over and made sure i was happy. there was no glue now, because we are going to take it apart and make the designed peices that make it look like a meeseks box.

the "green" octagons, and the blue framing need to be made out of the other size squares.

Step 2: Make Your Octagon and Outer Frames

so in the first step we made a dozen 18x18 squaures, and we painted six of them black with latex paint to be our frames. in this step we make our octagons and outter frames for the meeseeks box.

you can either draw the design onto the squares, or you can make a stencil pattern and put that on top of the foam boards.

the black is the part that is scrap. the pink is the part we are keeping here.

so you get your design onto the foam ( either paint or magic marker ) and then cut awaay the black. This leaves our octagons and frames behind.

note we did not paint it all black at first, because then we could not see wht we are keeping.

looking back i suppose if you have a white crayon you could paint it all black and then draw the lines in white. that might be easier. its not how i did it though.

i drew an octagon on a sheet of plywood, cut it out and then used that on the foam board, and then i cut the fram out of plywood and put that on the foam board, and then i spray painted the sheet. i spray painted now because i did not care that the paint would eat the foam, as that area is what i would be cutting away anyway.

Step 3: Paint the Octagon and the Outter Frames

now that we have our octagon shapes and the outer frames, w are going to paint them.

so i took a paint roller and rolled the black onto all of them, and waited for that to dry.

then the following day i painted the octagons blue and the frames green

Step 4: Glue It Togther and You Are Done

so now we glue the black box back together, and we glue all the shapes on.

i used the titebond because i knew it would hold, and that it would be nontoxic to the foam.

i used the nails to hold verything on, and as support inside the box rather than only glue,

i just pused the nails in down the sides, through the face edge and into the other foam side.

if you like you can cut a whole on the top and drop in a shape, and an LED light. i tried it, but being that the box is not transparent it did not seem the extra effort to put it into this tutorial.

i hope this works for you, this is my first tutorial, i have a lot of improvements to make should i do another one, i know that. but when i made this i was not going to make a tutorial, i just took photos as fun.