Introduction: Mega-Cade! Games, Movies, Music and TV

Welcome to PART 1 of THE MEGA-CADE! Basically what I am doing is squeezing every last drop of gaming and media goodness out of a Raspberry Pi 2.

Over the next set of vids I will take you from the bare bones and by the end you will have a setup that can: - Play all the consoles you loved as a kid and now FREE - Watch your entire movie collection in full 1080p FREE - Stream the latest movies released NOW without any hassle FREE - Latest TV shows, channels and episodes FREE - Play all your PC games through THIS setup - Have your HyperSpin setup in EVERY room of your house - All utilized through some of the best Front ends available - ALL this controlled with a XBOX360 pad!

Apart from the hardware I will give you EVERYTHING you need to get this up and running. I will configure everything and show you EXACTLY what you need to tweak to make this work on YOUR setup..... ALL FOR FREE!!

As always, I will give you all the downloads and things you need to get this going in less than a day with the aid of these vids. All the movies, TV shows, Music, News and more importanly access to almost every game you can think of INCLUDING your PC games you already own :)

Whilst you watch this make sure you download the sets of ROMS which will get your started with this setup. these ROM sets have been put together to be as compatible as possible with the Pi2's OS.

Download so you are ready for the next vid :) More game sets will follow with each vid ;)








As always, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, share and like the vid. It makes it all worth while and if you want to get some little extras, ensure you Like the Facebook page and follow on twitter... lots of treats!!


MICRO SD CARD (Ensure good make and CLASS10)

NOTE!! If you have not got a SD card reader/writer on your PC then you WILL NEED ONE. Any will do, a cheap USB SD reader/writer for a few dolla :) Or you could borrow one, you only need one for the initial install of the OS


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