Introduction: Mega Drive/Genesis 2 Clean Rear AV Output Mod

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I always wanted to mod a MD2 with S-video & RCA outputs, but as some of you may know, installing jacks in the back of the console isn't easy as there simply isn't enough room on either the top or bottom case piece. The only other option was to install the jacks on the left hand side of the console, but I never liked that idea, so what to do?

Before proceeding, this guide only shows the installation of the jacks, check the many other guides available on the internet of how to extract S-video, composite & audio from your console.

Step 1: Use the Middle!

So, I went about designing a simple enclosure (& template) to house the AV jacks & printed these out on my 3D printer. After many minor changes and test prints I finally settled on the final design.

3D STL files can be found on my Thingiverse listing ->

Step 2: Cutting Out

After removing the MD2 board & shielding, reassemble the case & screw in the rear two screws to hold it together. Insert the cutting guide in the hole & mark around it. I used painters tape as it won't rub off or move plus it's easy to remove later.

Once that's done, remove the guide & grab your Dremel or favourite cutting tool & cut out the plastic exactly to the edge of the tape. A little plastic will have to be removed from inside the case too so the enclosure fits in place

Step 3: Test the Fitting

Once that's done, install the enclosure & roughly assemble the case to ensure a good fit.

Next, you will have to cut a little of the shield (or bend it over) as it'll be in the way, I opted to chop it out.

BE CAREFUL - the metal is sharp!

I found out afterwards I didn't cut enough of the top shield first time around, so had to slice off a little more.

Step 4: Install the AV Jacks

These are the S-video & RCA jacks I used. They should be of a standard size, S-video requires a 12mm hole & the RCA jacks, 6.5mm hole.

Step 5: Solder the Jacks

Solder in the AV jacks & set the enclosure in place. Put the top shield back on, screw the case together & you're done.

Happy gaming! :-)