Introduction: Mega Gamepad - LED - Laser

Today we will be building this amazing GamePad.


For this build you will need

2x 3mm MDF (Front and back)

2x 6mm MDF (Middle Spacing, use more/other if needed)

1x 6mm Plexi (Transparent / Glowing parts)

5x screws

1x 12v Led Strip with controller

150 Grit & 280 Grit Sanding paper

Spray paint - Acryl, 1x primer 1x color

Step 1: Major Lazer (Front and Plexi)

First we need to laser the wood and plexi.

Go to your local hackerspace, or if you live in Belgium to FabLab Leuven

First you start off with the file 'GameCTRL' and set the laser to 3mm mdf, you cut out the wood and should result with a nice controller.

Then you laser the same image but this time you do it on the transparent 6mm plexi.

Don't forget to update your settings for each print.

Step 2: I Need Some Space

Next you will need to make some spacers. I used two 6mm MDF glued together. You can also use plexi for this step as it will give a nice border light effect.

Step 3: Watch My Back

And finally you need a plate to put on the back of your gamecontroller.

Step 4: Powdering Your Front

I used Acryl spray paint for this step.

First you start of by sanding with the lower grit sandpaper.

Then you spray a primer coat. This is quite important, i did't do it the first time and wasted a lot of paint because MDF absorbs paint. So follow my advice, 3 coats of primer, sand between each.

I waited around 15 minutes betwean coats.

After the primer you can continue with the color of your chosing. This time use the higher grit sandpaper between coats. Make sure that you remove all dust every time.

When you are finished with the spray cans, turn them upside down for 5 secs to clean the spraycaps

Step 5: Time to Shine

After glueing the center part you should have sufficient space to place the leds. Mine came with a 3M strip.

Step 6: Assemble Everything

By now you should have a nice controller, only thing missing ? The plexi Buttons.

I used wood glue to glue the middle section to the front section, and screws to mount the back plate to the middle section.

Step 7: ​Well Done!