Introduction: Megaman Is Back!

My son finally made his choice for a halloween costume this year. It was a close battle between Megaman and Sonic! Megaman won after showing him my collection of vintage games. Cameron is a avid video gamer and a lego fanatic! Once the suit was completed, it was hard to not feel like a kid again! Enjoy the pictures of our Megacreation! The suit took an entire 50 to 60 hrs of work, not including the countless hours or research. The helmet and the blaster were the tricky parts. Against all odds the suit came together beautifully. Constructed of mostly household products and some lucky toys, megaman is green friendly!
The helmet houses 2 L.E.D. push lights, that can be turned on and off easily! The body suit is made of breathable swimwear material that stretches and contorts to his body! The blaster was made from waterjug and foam. TheMegablaster used has 2 spining cores, tons of L.E.D.s and even makes lots sounds! The boots were made from yoga mats and the connected with hardware. Take a look and enjoy!!

Step 1:

Step 1

   Time to find all the right pieces. Heres a list of what I used and roughly how much!
The goodwill is the best place to find most of your Megaman stuff!
The list
   1. Basketball  $1.50
   2. L.E.D. puck lights $3.00
   3. Water jug $1.00
   4 1/2" thick yoga mat $10.00
   5. Roll of foam 1/4" thck 6" wide x 25' $12.00 construction supply
   6. Fabric appx 3 yrd each color. $25.00
   7. Bolt and washer hardware $2.00

Youll also need a variety of tools to modify the waterjug and toygun u decide to use.
Gluegun with lots of glue sticks, 3m doubleback tape, 3m spray 74, masking tape, blue tape, soildering gun, razor knifes, jigsaw and basic hand tools.

Step 2:

The Megaman helmet will test your patience. Be very careful cutting the ball, some basketballs are easier to cut into than others. Draw the template with a washable marker first then a permanent one when your ready to cut. The ears must be cut acording to the puck lights you use. I removed the clear cover from the puck light and painted it red. I then purchased a Garnier Fructis hairgel cream. The caps work perfectly for the ears. I then drilled out a 1" hole on the cap for the light to be pushed in. Wrap the plastic with the fabric using the tape and hot glue. Then attach the plastic to the modified light using the glue gun. Easier said than done, i ruined one before i got it right! The ears should be secured to the helmet unless you can get them snug tight. The helmet was wrapped in duck tape, then covered with a felt, and finally the fabric is stretched over the helmet. The spartan style strip was made using the foam, built up several times and the wrapped in fabric before attaching it to the helmet.

Step 3:

The Megablaster had to be perfect! A light is cool, but a spinning vortex of L.E.D.s followed by the sound of a charging deathray would be perfect! I totally lucked out finding this in my own kids toy box! The jug needed to be cut in order to install the modified gun. I had to cut and rewire the gun to fit in the jug. The trigger was even left into place so he can reach into the blaster and pull it easily enough. I then used the foam and tape to build up the shape of a torpedo. The blaster was then wrapped in fabric and hot glued on the ends. The blaster end leaves some fabric creases, so i covered those up using some colorful hairties my daughter found! They look like cool coils to me!!  

Step 4:

The Megaboots were pretty easy to make. I used a yoga to shape the first piece of the boot. Make a template first and then over cut it so you can make adjustments. If you think its good the go for the real thing! I taped the seams together on the yogamat, worked pretty good. Next cut the foot cover the same way. The two pieces should work like a hindge so its easier to move and run around in. I used a 1"1/4 bolt with washer and locknut to connect the pieces together. Test fit them together first, then wrap pieces and install hardware last.

Step 5:

The Bodysuit, braclet and briefs.

 The body suit was custom made to have no zippers or buckles of any kind. Cameron was able to slide into the suit easy enough. The suit has a hoody to cover any skin showing between pieces. The bracelet was made the same way the blaster was done. A carton core worked well, then shaped together with the foam. The briefs are 2 pieces sewen together. If you managed the helmet and the blaster, the rest should prove to be no challenge!

Step 6:

The final product!
  I hope this instructable was usefull and helps you make something awesome for your kids! I had just as much fun with this project as Cameron had wearing the suit! By far the coolest thing ive made! Until the Giant Lego Starwars battle scene! Cant wait!

 Joe & Cameron

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