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Introduction: Melon Lotus Flower With Ice Cream

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Hello everybody!!!

In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to make a melon lotus flower with ice cream.

This recipe was made to me by my mother when I was a child and now I make it for my daughter and she loves it !!!

I hope you enjoy it and have fun.


1. Melon

2. Ice cream of the flavor that you like the most

3. A round glass

4. Two mint leaves

Step 1: Cut the Melon

We take the melon and with the knife we cut it into thin slices.

Then we remove the edges to the slices and finally we give it the shape of a leaf with the knife.

Step 2: Lotus Shape

Once all the melon leaves are cut, in the deep glass inside we place them one on top of the other covering the entire glass until forming a lotus flower.

Step 3: Freezer and Unmold

We take our melon flower to the freezer for two hours, once frozen we remove it from the freezer, unmold it and place two scoops of ice cream with the mint leaves as decoration.

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