Introduction: Melt in Your Mouth Center Filled Cookies With Condensed Milk


Hi guys, welcome to my another instructable. This time, I have tried a new type of cookie. Okay, but what type of cookie? Well, we are gonna fill the center of the cookies. That's why we have named them as center filled cookies. So ,lets get started.


130gms wheat flour/all purpose flour

100gms softened butter

sweetened condensed milk

sugar (if required)

Step 1: Mix Them

In a mixing bowl, combine 120gms of butter and 170gms of wheat flour or refined wheat flour. (use wheat flour for a healthy start).

(you can also use an electric beater to make the work faster but here, I am combining them using hands so I could feel the mixture through my hands)

If you are using an electric beater, do not overmix. Mix till you get a crumbled texture.

Step 2: Prepare the Dough

Now its time to add in the condensed milk. Here, I am using sweetened condensed milk .You can also use unsweetened condensed milk or condensed milk which is prepared at your home. If you decide to use this, make sure you add required amount of sugar add in the condensed milk instead of water to achieve a good cookie dough consistency.

Step 3: Knead, Knead, Knead

Yeah knead, knead, knead. Compared to other cookies ,this cookie would be chewy because you have added the condensed milk and you are kneading the dough.

Step 4: Cookie Cutters Here I Come

Come on cookie cutters lets go cutting. Roll the cookie dough till you reach the thickness about 5or 7 mm. Now cut the cookie dough to your desired shape.

Step 5: Where Is the Center?

We are gonna make center filled cookies, so there must be a center right? Yes. Now cut the center of the shape from some cookies. Here, I have cut 8 shapes, so that I could get 8 cookies.

Step 6: Are You Ready to Go Into the Oven?

I mean the cookie. Preheat the oven at 180'C for about 8 to 10 minutes and then change the temperature to about 200'C for baking. Put the cookie tray into the oven ( I didn't mention the timing for baking as it may vary with the kind of oven which you use. You are the one who know your oven well.)

Step 7: Time to Decorate

Decorate the cookies with center using sugar balls and choco chips. Then fill the center with buttercream/ condensed milk/ jam. Try to be creative make sure that you don't follow the same way which I do while decorating. These are some ideas. Try to show some variations.

That's it guys. I hope it was fun. See you next time in my another instructable, till then


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