Introduction: Steampunk Egg

Well this is my first instructable and my first time making any thing like this so bear with me. OK lets get started. This is my entry for the Faberge egg contest pls vote or ill find you >:(. i chose to do a steampunk style egg because i just don't like the traditional style. no offense eggers out there this just fits my personality better. the egg part is made out of silver "cough" solder, hey minimum wage sux. i had a lot of fun making it, i was sitting in my room like weeeeeeeeee then i set my pants on fire and was like nooooooo.. the watches used in the project are broken but you can make this with working parts if you can get working watches, i couldn't :( and i don't have the replacement parts needed. there was so much i wanted to do with this but i ran out of time. I borrowed a camera for the finished pics for the build i had to use my pos web cam so the build pics suck but you can get the point of the shots. like the shots i want to put in my web cam from a 12 gauge after i set it on fire. anywho .... i will put a group of clean photos at the end. the egg is a steam egg that has over heated and is melting down. oh and there's a surprise inside witch is the tradition i guess. :D

Step 1: Get Your Cr@p Together

I found or had most of the stuff so i don't really know how much this really cost to make. the part list is fairly accurate, but you can add any thing you want to yours. the soldering iron i was using fell apart so i had to improvise. it may have been too much heat on the iron but some vice grips and a blow torch took care of it (i don't condone doing it that way pls be safe)(or just don't try to sue me after you burn your self and set your house on fire) on to the list.

20 copper nails
4ft copper wire
1 sheet copper chimney flashing (5x7)
1 1/2 ft copper tubing
3ft steel wire
2 cabinet hinges
2 wind wrist watches
1 wind pocket watch
misc watch parts
1 air relief valve
2 lbs of silver solder
2x 1 3/4 threaded pipes + 4 caps
stuff for decorating, that's right stuff

high and low heat soldering iron
hammer (ball peen would be best but any with a flat face will work)
at least 2 pairs of pliers
vice grips
small wire cutters

jewelers anvil (comes in handy)
cutting board (i do all soldering over a cutting board with sheet metal under it)

Step 2: Strip the Watches

ok get your watches.

pocket watch
take the big watch and open the back hinge. i just ripped it off but you can remove the pin and keep it intact. remove the protective piece by unscrewing it. in the front is a seam that will come apart with a little force and release the glass and watch face. (see pic #4). after that you should have something that looks like pic #7. thats what we want.

the wrist watches
remove the watch from its case by spreading the seam. after that pull the back half of the case off. you should have something that looks like pic #9. with pliers a small flat head screwdriver or a pair of small cutters remove the hands with gentle pressure. then you should be left with something that looks like pic #8.

Step 3: Prep the Watches

pocket watch
start with the pocket watch and coil some solder around the case. try to make the coil tight to the case. start soldering the coils together. start in a small section then move around almost like spot welding.continue around until all the coils are fused. don't leave any holes.

start by heating some solder up on your anvil or a flat piece of steel see pic #4. with a hammer firmly but slowly press down on the bead of hot solder and you should have something that looks like pic #6. set the watch in the middle of the solder ring and start building up solder around it.continue building up solder until you have encased the wristwatch.

Step 4: Rise of the Egg

And he said unto thee "the egg shall rise, and with it greatness shall follow. along with a quick trip to the hospital for 3rd degree burns". and i said unto him "who are you and why are you in my house".

start with the temporary base.
to make the base i melted some solder on a piece of sheet metal see pic #1. then i coiled some more solder with a little upward curve see pic #2. after you smooth out the coils flip it over and connect it to the base. don't go crazy connecting it to the base because we will be removing it later. at this point you should have something that looks like pic #3. smooth the upper part of the base out. the lower part of the base is just to make your egg easier to work with.

top of the egg
wind the solder wire in a tight coil starting from the center working around and down a little each rotation.see pics #4 and #5. after you have your coil start joining and smoothing you can add more solder to the coil at any time pic #6.

bring it together
take the pocket watch and lay it so the parts you want showing is down. flip the base on its side so the top of the base is touching the watch. solder the base to the watch. take the top of the egg and do the same thing. see pic #7.

add on
start adding solder on to the egg. i cut several pieces of solder about 2 in long put them side by side and joined them. it made a solder panel that i then joined to the egg and smoothed. sry no pic of the panel but in pic #8 you can see one that has been joined. join the sides but leave the back open. add solder and smooth it out as you please but remember to keep the egg shape.

and he said unto thee "behold the egg hast risen" and i said unto him "dude seriously get out of my house or im calling the cops"

Step 5: Show Some Heart

the heart
take the wrist watch that you mounted in the solder and add more solder making it into a heart. i cant really explain it see pic #3. add little claws to hold the watch in place, make sure when you add the claws you don't place them on any moving parts.

the crown
take some copper wire and cunt in into 6 inch and a quarter lengths then bend the wire at one end see pic #4. take the larger of the two copper rings and start wrapping the wire around it so about half the wire is wrapped do this for all six see pic #5.then take the smaller ring and leaving a little space bend one of the wires around it see pic #6. continue around leaving an even space all the way around see pic #8.

join the crown to the heart
i placed the crown on the heart and added some solder to hold it see pic #9.

Step 6: Add the Doors

take the hinge and solder it to the middle of the inside of the back of the egg so the pin on the hinge is on the inside.

copper doors
take the flashing cut it in half. place it in position on the hinge, mark and drill. after you drill pop rivet. then trim the door to fit and with a ball peen hammer lightly tap the door to fit the shape and give it a little curve. fill in the gaps with a little solder but make sure the doors still open.

Step 7: Hang Your Heart

get some wire wrap your heart so the wire ends up cumming up between the top humps of the heart with about an inch and a half of wire sticking out the top. solder the wire cumming out of the top of the heart to the top of the inside of the egg so the heart hangs in the middle of the egg.

take 8 nails and bend them.i just used my mind to bend them but pliers would work too see pic #3. tin the heads of the nails. it will make it easier to set them later. using tweezers or pliers set the nails one by one on each side see pics #6-7.

Step 8: Make the Base

remove the old base and set the egg aside. see pic #. take the 2 pipes and cap them. then take some steel wire and wrap the two pipes on one side then the other. see pics #4-5. then take a strip of copper about 7in long and wrap it around the middle of the 2 pipes and solder all of it together. see pic #6. mark for drilling then drill and tap. see pic #7-9 drill to holes the same size as the copper tubing on the opposite side from the air relief valve see pic #10. take the 4in wide tube and cut it to 2 3/4 in long see pic #12. smooth the cut out and place it so the threading is up. take your egg and place it on top and add some solder around the joint letting some drip over the threading. see pic #13. take the egg and tube and join it to the base using solder. see pic #14. take a pain plate from a wristwatch and solder it into the bottom of the inside of the egg. see pic #15.

Step 9: Start Decorating

take the copper tubing and cut it just past the halfway mark. bend the tubing to fit. see pic #1-3.connect the tubing and glue the connections. see pic #5-8. take the second wristwatch and cut a piece of paper to fit. see pic #9. draw a gauge on the paper then replace the minuet hand on the watch and set it to the red. take some copper wire and wrap it around a nail to make a coil. see pic #11-12. drill in the top of the pipe cap next to the gauge, insert the wire into the hole in the cap and in the gauge. see pic #13-14.

Step 10: Keep Decorating

watch guts
you can see from pics #1-2 i have some watch parts laying around so I'm going to use them for decorating. glue a large watch gear to the stem on the base and one in the end. take and glue random watch guts to the bottom of inside of the egg.see pic #5.

copper dots and wiring
cut the heads off a bunch of copper nails leaving a little bit left on the shaft of the nail.see pic #6.
using what ever mark the pattern for the nails to your liking. see pic #7. then using a drill bit that's the same size as the shaft of the nails drill the marked spots but don't go through to the inside of the egg. see pic #8 place one of the nail heads in each hole and gently tap it into place. see pic #9. then take the copper wire and wind it around the nail heads as you please. see pic #11. after that add a little solder here and there to look like melting and your done :).

Step 11: Finished Photos

hears a few of the finished photos. :P

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