Melted Crayon Art

Introduction: Melted Crayon Art

This project was a little difficult to accomplish, but the end result was astounding. I love it. Melting crayons around a painting is hard to do, but is beautiful in the end.

Things you need:


~Hair Dryer

~Black Acrylic Paint

~White Acrylic Paint

~Paint Brushes

Paint your center person or people. I used simple black acrylic, and lightened some areas with the white. She's facing towards a storm while holding an umbrella.

After you finish painting your person and it dries, turn the picture 180 degrees, so she looks upside down. Grab some crayons, (colors of your choice. I used light and dark purples.) And take the wrapping off. Hold one at a time, pointing the dryer towards your painting. It may take a while to get the melted crayon to run down the painting just right. Now, wait for it all to dry! Simple, yet complex! And, absolutely gorgeous!

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    That is a really good piece. If you have any pictures of the creation process, it would really help people to replicate your techniques.