Meme Woodburning

Introduction: Meme Woodburning

I love memes and woodworking!

So let's make wood coaster with burned "Cursed Cat" Meme.


-Piece of wood (round, pine)

-Pyrography Pen



-Paper/Printer/Graphite Paper (optional)

Step 1: Transferring the Image

1. Draw meme image

2. ???????


Just kidding...

For those of us who can't draw:

1. Google your favorite meme

2. Download the image

3. Paste image to file (Word/Visio/Image Editor etc.), copy it and make different size images

4. Print file

5. Cut proper size image with scissors

6. Take pencil and outline the image on wood

Or you can use graphite paper to transfer the image on wood.

Step 2: You Are Awesome!

Cursed Cat is ready for burning!

Step 3: Burn It All

1. Take pyrography pen

2. Burn the image (hint: first burn outline and then cat body)

This image is very easy for burning even for beginners.

But be careful with cat's eyes because he is very angry!

PS. See great instructable for woodburning technique

Step 4: Bonus!

I've made another Cursed Cat (small size) as talisman in the car.

All steps are the same except:

1. Drill a hole near the edge

2. Take the cord (paper cord)

3. Reeve the cord and knot it

4. Place it where you want!

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