Introduction: Memo Board

The purpose of the memo board is to display pictures or important documents in a fun and personalized way.

Step 1: Collected Needed Materials

· Plywood

· Fabric

· Carpet padding

· Spray adhesive

· String of choice

· Stapler

· Masking Tape

· Scissors

Step 2: To Begin the Memo Board, You Will Need a Piece of Plywood to Use As the Base. You Can Get This at Your Local Hardware Store. for This Board, I Recommend a 24” by 24”.

Step 3: You Will Also Need a Piece of Carpet Padding That Is Cut to 24” by 24”.

Step 4: ​Next the Fabric of Your Choice Will Need to Be Washed and Ironed. the Piece of Fabric Can Then Be Cut to 32” by 32”.

Step 5: ​Using the Spray Adhesive, Attach the Carpet Padding to the Front of the Plywood.

Step 6: Layout the Fabric So That the Backside of the Fabric Is Facing Up.

Step 7: Place the Plywood Square on the Fabric So That the Carpet Padding Side Is Facing Down.

Step 8: 1. Wrap the Fabric As Tightly As Possible Around to the Back Side of the Board. This Will Ensure a Smooth Look.

Step 9: Using the Stapler, Staple the Fabric to the Board Along the Edge.

Step 10: Next, You Will Want to Cut Strings to 32” in Length.

Step 11: This Is Where You Can Get Creative. You Can Place the Strings in Whatever Order or Pattern You Would Like. Whatever You Decide You Can Attach the Strings by Stapling Them on the Backside of the Board.

Step 12: You Can Cover the Excess String With Masking Tape at the Ends to Prevent Fraying.

Step 13: Congratulations! Your Board Is Ready to Use!